Sky High Car Audio: Stop Those Lights From Dimming

Sky High Car Audio: Stop Those Lights From  Dimming

Do your lights dim when you hit a good bass note? Voltage dropping just enough to bother you? The Big 3 upgrade will be a big help if you are having this issue so we wanted to get out a little how-to on getting this installed!

Anyone with an amplified aftermarket car audio system, especially those over 1000 Watts, should seriously consider performing this upgrade. If you've noticed dimming headlights, slow window roll down speeds, or voltage drops it's time to do a Big 3 Upgrade.

Wires to Upgrade / Installation Steps:

  1. Alternator charging wire to Battery positive
  2. Battery negative to chassis ground wire
  3. Engine Block to chassis ground wire

Need a kit? Sky High Car Audio has you covered! They offer Big 3 kits in 4 Gauge, 1/0, and 2/0 in both CCA and OFC.

These kits come with the following:

  • 3 ‐ 4ft lengths, 1 power color wire of your choice and 2 grounds
  • 3 Loose Ring Terminals & Heat Shrink for all ends

Check out all of the Big 3 kits at

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