The Importance of Keeping a Vehicle Battery Fully Charged

The Importance of Keeping a Vehicle Battery Fully Charged

We've all been there. You're ready to head out - be it to hit the open road, or to run errands - and the turning of the key in the ignition delivers a resounding sound of disappointment. The vehicle won't turn over. Your battery is dead, or at the very least, isn't holding enough charge to start the vehicle. If your vehicle has been stored away for a while, or even if it isn't used regularly, a battery tender is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of vehicle batteries.

These devices employ a smart charging system that delivers a slow, steady charge to the battery, preventing it from discharging completely and thus avoiding potential damage from sulfation in the process. Sulfation occurs when lead sulfate crystals build up on the battery plates, reducing its capacity and lifespan. By keeping the battery at an optimal charge level, a battery tender helps preserve its performance and ensures the vehicle starts reliably when needed, saving both time and money on premature battery replacements. It's an often under-looked part of vehicular maintenance that can prevent costly and inconvenient headaches down the road. The good news, is preventative battery tenders don't have to break the bank. Investing in one is as easy as visiting Deltran Global / Hyperion, a leader in the battery and related electronics industry.

If you're looking to get ahead of your battery before it ages prematurely, you can pickup a variety of battery tender options, from wall-mounted controls to mountable solar-powered battery tenders.

Mountable Solar-Powered Battery Chargers


Top Product: Mountable Solar Battery Charger

Utilize solar power to charge and upkeep your vehicle's battery effortlessly. When linked, the Battery Tender Battery Charger ensures consistent charging and maintenance for your battery, ensuring it remains primed for action whenever you need it. Lightweight, fully-automatic, and user-friendly, this charger is a breeze to operate. What's more, Battery Tender® Solar Panels stand out as the sole panels equipped with a built-in charge controller, safeguarding against overcharging risks.

Car/SUV Covers with Built-In Solar Chargers


Top Product: Hyperion® SUV Cover with Built-In Solar Charger

Engineered to shield your SUV from the toughest weather conditions and equipped with built-in solar charging capabilities for the battery, your vehicle will consistently be prepared to cater to your family's transportation needs. Shield your SUV from weather-related wear, dust, scratches, as well as potential theft and vandalism, all while ensuring your vehicle's battery remains optimally charged with solar panel SUV covers. Features a 12W 12V integrated solar panel.

Junior Tender/Chargers for Smaller Vehicles / UTVs / Bikes / Powersports


Top Product: Battery Tender® Junior 12V, 750mA Battery Charger

Diverging from conventional trickle chargers that may lead to overcharging and subsequent damage with prolonged connection, this advanced charger and maintainer ensures a complete charge cycle before transitioning to float mode, preserving your battery at its optimum state. This compact charger is accompanied by a 12-foot output cord, fused alligator clips, and a fused ring terminal harness, facilitating accessibility for hard-to-reach areas.

There are several options available for any lifestyle, vehicle, and building accomodations. For a limited time, enjoy 10% off orders if you sign up for exclusive offers, and save 10% on your first order. Free shipping is also available on all orders over $99.95.

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