Installed: ISC Suspension N1 V2 Coilovers for Hyundai Genesis Coupe

My Hyundai Genesis Coupe, nicknamed “Suki,” is my first car, and the first vehicle I’ll be modifying for myself. Modification can be a daunting task, and one of the first and most important modifications you can do for your build is to upgrade your suspension. To make sure we did everything right, we trusted the experts at ISC Suspension to guide me through the process.

Ordering: Making the Choice

When I decided to make this next step in my build, I went to ISC Suspension's website. They had a few options for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which initially left me unsure. I daily drive my car, so I wanted to ensure I got the right suspension that would complement that driving style. I gave them a call and they guided me in the right direction. I decided on the V2 N1 Coilovers with the Front Triple S Spring Upgrade, Street Comfort/Sport Suggested Spring Rates and Street/Sport valving option. I also upgraded to the gold titanium hardware, and grabbed some coilover covers to protect the investment. The parts arrived quickly and I was ready to begin the install, as soon as we unboxed them on Tuning 365 TV.

Didn't catch the unboxing? Watch it here.

Installation Day: Learning as I Go

Then came the big day – installation. I'm not a certified mechanic. I've actually never done an install as big as this, but I was excited - and nervous - but mostly eager to learn. First I unpacked the ISC coilovers. First impressions are important, and ISC did not disappoint. The black and gold combo gives off a premium vibe, and I had opted for the titanium hardware, which was a nice touch. When you're modifying your car, the small details count. Even though no one is going to see my hardware or the coils themselves, ISC still decided to make these coilovers beautiful, which I appreciate.

With a friend's help, we raised the car and got to work.

Getting Help When Needed

Overall, the front coilover installation went smoothly. A few bolts were removed, we pulled out the stock suspension and slipped in the new coilovers. Easy. However, we hit a small snag when we couldn't figure out which coilover was meant for which side. ISC to the rescue! A quick FaceTime call later, and we were back on track. It was reassuring to have the manufacturer's support at our fingertips.

Fine-Tuning and Adjustments

Moving on to the rear suspension, we faced the typical hiccup – stubborn bolts that just wouldn't budge. That's par for the course during an install like this. One of the things ISC mentioned when we FaceTimed them was to adjust the rear dampening before installing the rear suspension. We missed this step initially, because - well, you know how installs go. Since the Genesis Coupe doesn't have any trunk access to the rear suspension, we had to remove the rear suspension again to adjust the dampening. Frustrating, but a good lesson learned.

Aesthetic Upgrades: Wheels and Fitment

Alongside the coil-overs, I had Toyo Proxes Sport Tires (235/35/19 front and 265/35/19 rear) and Niche Essen Wheels (front 5x114.3, 19x8.5 35mm, and rear 19x10 40mm) from Wheel Pros. These additions significantly changed the car's look, performance, and fitment. I wasn't just lowering the car on stock wheels, I was lowering the car on an aftermarket wheel and tire setup and trying to figure out a whole new fitment. With this entirely new set up I needed to get some spacers. I ended up using 25mm on the front and 20mm on the rear to achieve a flush look that I'm really happy with.

We did a couple height adjustments, maybe 3 or 4 times, to get ride height to a place where I was content. I had to keep in mind that the suspension was going to drop at least a quarter of an inch over the settling period. I set it to a height that I was 90% happy with, then once it fully settled I knew I'd get that extra 10%.

The Reward: A Better Drive, a Better Look

After the installation, it took a month of driving to feel the full benefits of the coil-overs. The ride felt very different from the stock suspension – in a good way. On regular roads, the ride is smooth and planted when taking corners. Of course bumpy roads are less forgiving, but that's the trade-off for the improved handling and aesthetics of the car. For daily driving, this setup is perfect for me.

Support from ISC: Priceless

Throughout this journey, ISC Suspension's support was constant. From helping me make the right decision on product, pre-installation tips and tricks, to troubleshooting in real time, they were there every step of the way. In the end, my experience with ISC Suspension coilovers wasn't just about upgrading my suspension. It was a journey of making mistakes, learning, and gaining the confidence to work on my own car. ISC Suspension's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction made this transformation not only possible, but also incredibly rewarding.

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