Tuning Essentials: Car Audio Upgrade Guide, 10th Edition

Here we go again! Years of involvement in the aftermarket car audio game have helped us build countless connections across the industry, and this special mobile electronics issue is dedicated to them! You may have noticed in recent PASMAG issues that we frequently showcase “Builds to Follow,” a sort of mini-feature section to highlight some builders who fit into the theme of the issue at hand. For this mobile electronics issue, we start off with those dedicated individuals who make up the competition audio scene, with builds to follow from MECAIASCA, and dB DRA. Our resident Car Audio specialist, Garry Springgay, has a few words about product ratings for buyers, while Klifton Kepplinger shares his thoughts on competition car audio, and Matthew Karlovic explains challenges to batteries in car audio and modern vehicles.

We also take a look at three very different feature vehicles, which go above and beyond to attain show-worthy status, each with a special audio install. We’ve got a Ferrari 488 from Mobile Toys IncBrian Garin's special Corvette Stingray that we first saw at SEMA, and our friend J.J. Dubec’s show-stopping Liberty Walk NSX.

A couple PASMAG Dealers are spotlighted in this special edition issue, including MARS AUDIO's Nissan Armada and C&S Performance's Hyundai Genesis. 

As always, we’ve sprinkled a ton of buyer’s guides chock full of products throughout the issue (over 110), so if you’re looking to upgrade your audio system, or even build one from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Accessories, head units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and DSPs are all well-represented here!

Packing all of this into one special issue of PASMAG is something we always enjoy putting together, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it just the same. As always, thanks for picking up the issue.

Stay loud, PASMAG fans!

PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Car Audio Upgrade & Competition Special Edition Issue Vol. 10 to be available mid September 2019.

Adam Gordon
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