Import Face-Off: Woodburn, OR

Import Face-Off: Woodburn, OR

Photography by Damir Pecenkovic

Event Coverage: Import Face Off Woodburn, OR.

Import Face-Off took over the Woodburn Drag Strip in Woodburn, OR on May 26th and I had a chance to check it out first hand. For those of you who are not familiar with IFO, it is currently the largest continually running national import show and race series in the country with forty plus events each year from coast to coast. This event featured the usual parts of IFO that we have all grown to expect and love to participate in: a car show, drag racing, vendors, DJ/music and of course models. This year's Woodburn event had a great turn out and we got lucky as the weather decided to play nice at the last minute.

IFO Woodburn 5 26 19 Edited3

IFO Woodburn 5 26 19 Edited4

IFO Woodburn 5 26 19 Edited2

Let's dive into some of the results from the event.



  • Winner - Sam Jason - 10.030 @ 141.02
  • R/U - Jeremy Burton


  • Winner - David Delgado - 10.247 @ 141.66
  • R/U - Shannon Lewton


  • Winner - Chris Langford - 14.410 @ 95.84
  • R/U - Parker Payne


  • Winner - Eric Steen - 11.173 @ 120.95
  • R/U - Hector Burgos


  • Winner - Nathan Kahler - 8.962 @ 163.90
  • R/U - NA


  • Winner - Bud Kuhns - 11.667 @ 114.79
  • R/U - Kevin Hendricks


  • Winner - Cole Marmon - 7.982 @ 179.31
  • R/U - James Kempf
  • Best Civic 2nd - Sean & Lacey Hardwick
  • Best Civic 1st - Ricardo Paredes
  • Best Other Honda 1st:  Jeremy Fanugao
  • Best Other Honda 2nd:  Francisco Hernandez
  • Best Acura 2nd -  Jerimiah Styless
  • Best Acura 1st - Myles Kerr
  • Best Mitsubishi - Peter Phane
  • Best Nissan - Nick Reynolds
  • Best Toyota - Brian Douglas
  • Best FRS/BRZ - Derrick Franzen
  • Best Scion 1st -  Abirail Peck
  • Best Mazda - Matt Brown
  • Best Subaru 1st - Griffin Scolley 
  • Best Korean -  Vincente Velaques
  • Best Domestic Sports Compact - John Mann
  • Best Domestic Car - Hiri Kanno
  • Best Old School- Raul Farfan
  • Best Euro - Norm Zeno
  • Best Female Entry - Jennifer Rud
  • Best Luxury - Tony Laa
  • Best Exotic - Myles Kerr
  • Best Import Truck - Jr Leimos
  • Best Domestic Truck/SUV - Andrew Vun
  • Best Lowrider/Mini Truck - Angel Cervantes
  • Best Bike 1st - Rotanne Urrea
  • Best Stance - Brian Villegas
  • Best Display - Andrew Vun
  • Best Interior - Sean and Lacey Herdwick
  • Best ICE - Joseph Johnson
  • Best Paint/Finish - Taco Lizanager
  • Best Engine Bay - Alex Santax
  • Best Club Participation - Rose City Mobbing
  • Best Club Representation - R-Rydes
  • Best of Show - Derrick Franzen

Be sure to check out the next Import Face-Off, full event schedule is available at

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