KENWOOD Releases New Power-Matched Woofers, New Style, New Grilles

KENWOOD Releases New Power-Matched Woofers, New Style, New Grilles

KENWOOD USA announced it has made distinct improvements for 2020 to its eXcelon Entry Class Subwoofers, providing powerful and solid bass sound with their best reliability ever, as well as its eXcelon High Performance Class Subwoofers, improving heat flow, durability, and visual impact with new eye-catching designs. 

The eXcelon High Performance Class Subwoofers are available in two 12” inch voice coil configurations of 2 ohm / 4 ohm, with a power handling of 500 Watts RMS, making them precisely optimized for KENWOOD eXcelon amplifiers. When 2 KFC-XW1241HP (Single 4-ohm coil, MSRP $179.95) subwoofers are paired together, they are power matched perfectly for the eXcelon Reference XR1001-1, which provides 1000 Watts of RMS power at 2 ohms. The KFC-XW1221HP (Single 2-ohm coil, MSRP $179.95) follows up as a perfect match with eXcelon X502-1 amplifier, which delivers 500 Watts RMS power at 2 ohms in a single sub configuration.   With a heavy focus on thermal management, a large multi-layered voice coil and aluminum bobbin provide efficient heat transfer, while a closed yoke enhances heat radiation and airflow.  More accurate bass is delivered from a high-rigidity two-piece diaphragm with Dual Area Cap structure, keeping low notes under tight control.  Enclosure requirements also won’t be much of an issue, with its fairly shallow 5-3/4” (147mm) mounting depth.  And to top it off, users will love the new the stand-out red trim, which makes for an eye-catching accent when compared to typical, common looking subwoofers.

Not to be outdone, the budget friendly eXcelon Entry Class Subwoofers come in both 10” and 12” options, handling a substantial 300 Watts of RMS power.  They are a perfect match when paired with eXcelon X502-1 amplifier, which delivers 300 Watts of RMS power at 4 ohms in a single sub configuration.   They feature unparalleled reliability through vigorous performance testing.  Thanks to the new X-motif Cap that eliminates cone distortion, solid bass and efficiency are achieved, along with a dramatic visual statement. KENWOOD offers the 10” KFC-XW1041 (Single 4ohm coil, MSRP $129.95) and the 12” KFC-XW1241 (Single 4ohm coil, MSRP $129.95) with included eXcelon 2 year warranty, and the KENWOOD 10” KFC-W2541 (Single 4 ohm coil, MSRP $129.95) along with the 12” KFC-W3041 (Single 4 ohm coil, MSRP $129.95) both with a 1 year warranty. 

Also new for 2020, KENWOOD has designed stylish new protective grille’s; the CA-121G (MSRP $54.95) for the KFC-XW1241, KFC-W3041, KFC-XW1221HP, KFC-XW1241HP, and the CA-101G (MSRP $54.95) for the KFC-XW1041, KFC-W2541 subwoofers.  The mesh grilles install simply and securely, giving a finished look to already great looking subs, while adding protection at the same time. 

“The durability of these woofers is going to make our dealers very happy” said Scott Caswell, Sr Marketing Manager for KENWOOD.  “We keep pushing the limits to give our customers a better sound, great value and dependable long-term performance.” 

All models will be shipping this month.  For detailed information on specific features for each model, please view their respective product pages at

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